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Short movie, Global ensemble drama, Irasj Asanti, Norway, 2024

I've met this amazing person Irasj Asanti after my performance on the Non Stop theater festival in 2023. He saw my talent to fall down to the floor and cry and invited me to his new short drama movie to play a girl from Ukraine, which moved to Oslo (something familiar:) I needed some time to make a decision, because the topic is quite heavy and playing a victim is a hard work. But during our next meeting he said to me: Anetta, you will be a star. So I had to agree. 

The process was incredibly interesting. I was working on my part in a way to put real emotions from the situations I had in my life. Because it is not allowed to play in a movie and the audience can read my thoughts through my eyes! Such a pressure:) And delicate work.. The team consists of high level professionals, both technical and artistic part. Like a kid I was asking a lot of questions and tips about work in a movie production. And on the last day of the shooting I relieved and realised that I actually was a star, the whole team were running around me to prepare my make-up, costume, put mike and light on me, give me tasks, feed me, etc. Grateful for that!

I am a Human 

Video hunting production, Ukraine, 2020

One day, during the pandemic, my friends from the Video Hunting production invited me to become a part of this beautiful video clip. There were no special idea, just spontaneous meeting of talented and creative video makers, light designer and make-up artist and me of course:) In around one hour we got a lot of beautiful images, we were playing with light and shadows and just enjoyed the time together. From such a meetings, full of creativity and search the best pieces of art was born, in my opinion.  

Behind the moon by Ana Whiterose

Video-clip, Ukraine, 2020

Ana Whiterose is a musician and singer from Switzerland. Back then she came to Ukraine to make her new video clip, because in Ukraine we have really high level video maker productions. So me and my partner Maks Lytvynenko were lucky to become a part of such a project. I will never forget the experience of dancing in an extremely! cold water.. and at the same time playing so warm relationships my colleague:) Thanks for our directors Alina Dianova, Ilya Buturlin and the whole team. Thanks me and Maks for creating this strong and beautiful choreography (we stole quite a lot of movements from another performance of us, which is "Dependance", you can see this one below)


Video-clip by producing center Manifesto 18 Stage.

This performance me and Maks created in 2018 during our study. The style of the performance is allegorical mime.

The web of life 

Video-clip. Ukraine. 2018. Producer Ivanna Sanina, camera-man Serhiy Kireiev, editing by Ivanna Sanina and Serhiy Kireiev. Music by Stromae.

This performance marked the beginning of the development of my personal style in mime. This is allegorical performance about fighting with my fears, which from time to time enter into my body and control me. I was inspired by this song by Stromae and his interpretation of cancer through the image of spider. Without thinking twice I decided to use the same image and play with it somehow. I am proud of the choreography I created and during the whole time of my artistic work audience find this performance the most impressive. 


Performance by ILINASTROE, produced by Manifesto 18 stage, Ukraine 2021

Maybe each artist has a piece of creation which is called "Creation".. At least we have. This performance was made from a pieces of other performances of us (ILINASSTROE) which created really nice composition and showcase of our team. For three years we collaborated with the producing centre Manifesto 18 stage and worked with modern technologies to create real magic on the stage. It’s good that with so many special effects no one will notice failures such as flexed knees:)

Techno kabaret

Promo video. Manifesto 18 stage production, Ukraine. 2021

Promo video of the show by Manifesto 18 stage. The show was made from several pieces in collaboration with musicians, circus artists, actors, mimes (ILINASTROE) using modern stage technologies. 

Fashion-Horror | We Did It - Production | Promo video

Promo video. Ukraine. 2021

"We Did It - Production" is a cool company which is focusing on a Tik-Tok content. We made a lot of crazy videos together and had so fun time filming it. Here is a short promotional video in the style of Fashion Horror. As always we didn't know what we want to have as a result, but improvisation, creativity and professional team work the best. 

Words hurt

Social video. Ukraine. 2020

It is my first acting project for the social organisation YesHeIs. Fun fact: all the actors were playing our parts separately, so we haven't seen each other:) Fun fact number two: I got a part because I could easily cry on a casting but, because we were filming the video at night, my eyes were completely dry 😑

I disappointed the director but the make-up artist made a good job 👍😄.

Description of a story "How often do others hurt you? How often do you want to be heard so that at least one person believes in you and supports you? Other people's words can destroy everything that is beautiful in you, taking away your confidence, dreams, hopes and belief that you are special, that you can do anything. If there are not many people in your life who are ready to support you with a not evil quiet word, watch this video: there you will find the answer, where to find the One Who is exactly for you. The one who loves you and wants to help you."

If no one needs you

Social video. Ukraine. 2021

Description of the story: "When it is difficult to bear humiliation alone, turn to the One who can give consolation."

In this video I am working together with very talented and famous actor Pavlo Aldoshin. He is very good person and so easy to work with. He gave me a lot of tips from his acting experience...

It was interesting that after he was playing abuser he got into an incident, his car got a flat tire during the rainy night.. and now how can one not believe that the Universe sees everything and reciprocates. 

At the moment Pavlo is a soldier and fighting for the peace in Ukraine. 

When you love, ask. Prom 💜

Tv commersial for online stor. Ukraine. 2022

Promotional text: "For those who, on the eve of Valentine's Day and on March 8, experience a stupor: What to give? What to say? Prom advises: When in doubt, just ask. And if congratulations are expected, then you know for sure that Prom has millions of gifts at the best prices."

For this video the director was looking for a dancer who can do this 👉trick with a partner, and as I had an experience in acrobatic adagio I got the part! But they decided to put me on a robes.. so I could actually fly by myself without a partner 😅 The magic of a postproduction✨

Violet Road - "I will love you anyway"

Video clip for norwegian band Violet Road

The leader of the band Kjetil Solberg found me through a common friends (Norway is small😄) and told about his passion for my art and expression and want to make a video-clip with my participation. I've never heard about this bend before, but I found them very talented and impressive guys. Together with Kjetil we made a story for the video and one Ukrainian digital artist made this amazing illustrations. For the first time I'm interacting with illustration and I think it has a huge potentian in combination with mime,I'm interested in exploring more about this combination.

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