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   Frida is a performance like you rarely experience in theatre. You will be provided with headphones, and through them you will hear the voice of Frida who will take you to Mexico. You should not just sit quietly, but be an active participant in the performance. Together with Frida, you get to draw, train, dance and make a party with her family. And maybe you want to hear secrets - you must not tell anyone. 

   Did you know that a flap of the wings of a small butterfly can be the start of a tornado somewhere else in the world?

   Frida comes from Mexico. She feels different and is often alone. When she is little she gets polio which makes one foot as thin as a stick and when she becomes a teenager she is badly injured in a bus accident. There are many accidents in Frida's young life, and she survives the pain by drawing and painting. As an audience member, you get close to bullying, falling in love, accidents and art. And then you get to celebrate the dead - if you dare.

   Playwright and director Katrine Strøm. The performance is produced by Katma in collaboration with Hålogaland Teater and Figurteatret in Nordland.

Supported by the Culture Council.


   Theatre performance about death, and life after death by independent freelancer artists: Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova, Ekaterina Bespalova, Kim-Runar Klodiussen, Jeanette Solbakken and Rose-Marie Aker. 

   Actors and director of the performance Bence Molnar come together to discover a unique combination of dance, mime, live music and personal texts on stage.

   They aim to find a healthy, responsible way of communication about death, which can change the way of thinking about life, and dealing with losses. Using the memories of people who experienced clinical death.

   They also aim to create strong connections to the actual situations of the war, trying to find a healing way to discuss, and to unite the different perspectives working on this project together with Russian and Ukrainian collaboration partners.

  The premiere of the performance was in February 2024 in Tromsø and another show was performed on the Barents Spektakel festival.

Directing by Bence Molnar, music by Marita Isobel Solberg

JMB00422 Jamie Michael Bivard.JPG

   Pantomime and music performance under construction by me and cello musician and actress Julia Sørensen. Will be released in 2025. 

   The topic of the performance led me to think about what true happiness is for us. Because it is not something which comes from the outside, but it is already in our soul, and we just have to discover it. 

   In this story Anetta's character experiences falling into the trap of her destructive thoughts. She is going through emotional reactions which are moving in a circle and swallow her to the swamp of anxiety and depression. And it means that her attention is not on the present moment but in the past memories. She is desperately trying to find happiness in material joys, but this turns out to be just something that distracts her from the real situation. The culmination of the story leads Anetta's character to the meeting with her thoughts which materialize in some creature and start to chase her and it brings them to the real fight. And this was the only way for her character to reach her inner happiness, through experiencing pain and finding a value of just being. 

   The message of the performance is: "Be aware every second of your life and then your life will be a beautiful melody.”

   Anetta started creating the performance in August 2023 with cellist Irene Tandberg. In December 2023 she showed work in progress of the performance (22 min) on the RadVent in Tromsø. 

Directing by me 😎

The melody of now

Ukraine - a testimony 

   By Ann Kovtun, Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova and Oksana Smetnayuk.

   The performance is a testimony on the war in Ukraine from the perspective of three young women who fled their homeland in February-March 2022. A mosaic of thoughts, dreams, horrors, anxiety, guilt, shame and anger. But it is also a play about hope, and how the light inside still can be kept in troubled times. The young women give us an insight in the struggle of staying sane through their own art, through music, lyrics and dance. Their honest thoughts about finding ways to stay mentally in balance, will find resonance in the audience everywhere, and perhaps among young women and men.

   The war is not just numbers of missiles or losses of tanks, it is mostly about people getting their lives destroyed. In «Ukraine – A Testimony» you meet three of them. All are under 30 years of age. And all three have made big personal sacrifices to survive.


The production is directed by Per-Olav Sørensen, light design by Reidar Richardsen 


Peace inside us

   Mime and dance performance, created by Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova.

   "If everyone create a peace inside, it will be a peace in all over the world". This performance Anetta created about her own story during the Ukrainian war. The main message is that every person has an inner world that gives him life power and everyone is a creator of his life. But something can change your life radically. The story is about a difficult choice for Anetta between staying at home with her loved one and leaving the country during a massive attack to save her life. This choice changed her life completely, and left a painful wound in her heart forever. But anyway she shows her strength, courage and power to heal her inner world.

   The premiere of the performance was at the International pantomime festival HELMIME in Helsinki, November 2022. After that with this performance Anetta participated in several events in Tromsø, Norway during 2022-2023: Radvent which took place in Rådstua teaterhus, the EuroConcert by the European Youth Parliament in Ishavskatedralen. And the most important thing for Anetta was her organization of a charity event in art hub Tvibit to collect donations for Ukrainian solders, and the "Peace inside us" was a part of the show. In November 2023 Anetta showed the performance on pantomime festival PAN in Slovakia (where this video was actually filmed).

   Now the performance is a part of the show "Ukraine - a testimony" directed by Per-Olav Sørensen.




   A project was made by artist Salome Storm which was planned as picture installation and turned to be an improvised short movie and will be presented on summer 2024.

   The topic of the project is about making a home for oneself, on the road, when everything falls apart; how one weaves the little structure which will hold one together while undergoing life’s inner storms - and hopefully, the outer ones too. The herbarium, the cow’s stomach where plants are digested, the hold “up there” where experiences are processed and slowly transform into something that shines.

Idea, installation and video by Salome Storm, dance by Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova.


   Physical theater performance by Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova, Mette Spjelkavik Enoksen, Anna Karoline Løseth Bjelvin as a part of the Katma Theater.

   "A sneaky thief, a lady with an umbrella who sings in the shower and a big seagull that gets blown up! Now Hålogaland Theater and Katma water park are taking over with the show Splæsj!

Water that flows and drips. Water with dancing butterflies, mechanical robots and jumping frogs. And quite suddenly a large elephant appears. Splash, and then everyone gets wet!"

The production is directed by Katrine Strøm.


Internal destruction

   By pantomime theater ILINASTROE which consisted of Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova, Pavlo Vyshnevskyi, Maksym Lytvynenko and Aleksander Simonenko together with the support of the National Theater Arts Center named after Les Kurbas. The project had a great success at the Mime Wave Festival and "Mime Session" in Ukraine, the GBG mime festival in Sweden and the Surprise festival in Italy, where they received the Grand Prix. 

   "The material world surrounds us and undoubtedly affects our condition. And what happen, if you imagine your feelings that are living inside and affecting what surrounds you? Yes, it’s not a material world, it’s a world of thoughts and ideas.

   Everything that embarrasses a person inside – he creates himself, and whether to get rid of it – he decides himself. Everyone has to go through an easy way to search for themselves in this world, but before trying to make this step in real life, we must go all the way inside ourselves."

The idea belongs to Pavel Vyshnevskyi, producing by Manifesto 18 stage.


   By Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova, Maksym Lytvynenko and Pavlo Vyshnevskyi. One hour show consist of several mime pieces. It include different pantomime style acts as classical pantomime: "Five stars from restaurant critic","Smoke", "Pit Stop", allegorical mime "Creation", "Dependence", improvisations and other solo and duo acts. 

    The show was filled with different colors, emotions and beauty of movements. For the first time our team took a part as a performers and hosts for each other. For the first time the audience could see and even participate in a classical pantomime improvisation. 

Directed by ILINASTROE, producing by Manifesto 18 stage.


Mime sketches

   Short pantomime performances around 3 - 10 minutes created by me during 2018 - 2023. It is a classical form of performances in pantomime art. In Anetta's list there are two comedy pieces in classical pantomime stile: "Online date", "Search for a male". But original stile of her performances is allegorical pantomime which you can see in pieces: "The web of life", "Meditation", "Dependence". This kind of performance is mostly used for entertainment events.


Videos was made by producing centre Manifesto 18 stage in 2021 year. 

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